Hello! My name is Nancy  & I was born & raised in Dallas, Texas. I am a full time 3rd grade teacher and I absolutely love what I do. Although I still have a lot to learn, photography has always been a strong passion of mine as well. 

Ever since I was a young girl, I have been very intrigued in the art of taking pictures. I distinctively remember rushing to Walmart to drop off my film or disposable camera and eagerly waiting for my pictures to develop. As I got older and got with the times, I always had a digital camera in my bag at any given time. If you ask any of my friends they'd tell you that I had way too many pictures for one to upload. I loved to capture every moment I could with friends and family. The fact that a picture can take you back to a moment of time and bring back memories of joy is something that truly fascinates me. 

I started taking pictures as a side gig in a very random way. A friend of mine jokingly suggested at a bridal shower that I could take family pictures for another friend who was talking about how she wanted maternity pictures. Little to my surprise, this friend really wanted me to take their pictures! I ended up taking their pictures on my wimpy Canon digital camera and eventually, a few more friends asked as well. I decided to invest in a proper DSLR camera and I've been taking pictures ever since. 

My goal is to offer people quality pictures at an affordable cost. I feel that it's important to document different parts of your life so that they'll remain with you forever. I find that far too often we look back on photographs and reminisce on the "good ol days." Right now in this current moment, you are living in the good ol days that your future self will want to look back on, why not capture it?