Grant Family-Family Session

As I mentioned in my About section, I'm a 3rd grade teacher. I teach at a great school with some really wonderful & passionate teachers. Even though I absolutely love what I do, I am not a morning person at all. Once I'm in my classroom I'm good to go and ready for the day. However, that walk from my car to my classroom door feels like the most impossible feat (unless I'm running late, then I turn into a track star) as I'm still trying to wake up. As I open the door to the 5th grade hallway and drag my feet across the bright white tiled floor, I am almost 90% sure I will hear a loud, "GEEOOOOOOORGEEEEEE" across the hall from the 4th grade hall. It's none other than Shamane. 

Shamane taught 4th grade on our campus last year and will be teaching 5th this coming year. She is an absolute joy to work with and her passion for her students is so easy and clear to see. Wanna know truly how awesome she is? She won teacher of the year! Shamane always knows how to have a good laugh and make you enjoy your day. She's been wanting to take family pictures for a while now and we finally got around to it last week.  I met them at Prairie Creek Park in Richardson for a morning session that happened to fall on her birthday. Shamane and her husband Andre have two adorable 3 year old twin girls. Photographing little kids is always a tough feat, but I appreciate how much it teaches me about photography & being patient. I had a blast with the Grant family, it's so apparent that they have so much love for each other.  Take a peek at some of my favorites from their shoot!