Dn. Shawn & Lijin-Proposal

A few months ago Dn. Shawn got in touch with me about taking pictures for when he planned on proposing to his girlfriend, Lijin. It's a small world because 1. Shawn & I share a few mutual friends in Chicago and 2. Lijin is someone I've known for a very long time. My sister & I would always hang out at their church for random events ever since I was in high school. As soon as I heard about the proposal, I was in! 

The proposal took place on the docks at White Rock Lake. Shawn had sent Lijin on a big scavenger hunt during the day, leading her to the docks as her final destination. When she arrived, Shawn met her at a table filled with some of her favorite pictures. He then walked her down to the dock and proposed. I'm not going to lie, I even shed a tear watching such a sweet moment between the two! What I really loved about this proposal was right after Shawn gave her the ring, Lijin stopped and said, "Angie has something in my car...I need to have it right now!" I ran over and got a small package that her best friend Angie had in her car. Apparently, months ago Lijin had bought a gift for Shawn and told Angie to hold on to it and keep it for the day when she gets proposed to. Lijin had wrote a really sweet letter to Shawn and bought him a watch! She said, "I know you think this day is supposed to be about me, but it's about us...and I want you to have something special to remember this day too." Yall, that is the most thoughtful thing I have ever seen. Ladies, we've got some work to do! 

Afterwards we took some pictures on the dock and later went to dinner where she was surprised by family and friends. Lijin & Dn. Shawn, I had an absolute blast taking pictures on such a big day for you two. Your love is Christ-centered, sweet, unselfish, and goofy. I was touched just by observing the two of you within a couple of hours. Best of luck to both of you as you get ready to embark on this new chapter of your lives! Thanks for letting me capture your day. :) 



Janice & Jenson-Engagement Party

School has started back up so things have been a little crazy! Let me tell yall, teacher tired is a whole different level of tired. However, an extra day off for Labor Day means I can post on the blog about one of the photo gigs I've had in the past month! This past weekend I had the opportunity to take pictures for an engagement party for my friends Janice and Jenson. 

I actually met Janice back in high school randomly and we stayed in touch through AIM here and there. We went to school in Denton together but I haven't had a chance to see her in years. I met her husband-to-be Jenson a few years ago. He's actually really good friends with a few of the guys from my church and we met at one of their birthday parties. When I found out that both of them were getting married I was so excited for the two of them!

Indian engagements are definitely one of a kind. All of my non-Indian friends are always so intrigued by them. Sometimes they seem like just a mini-wedding or something that's unnecessary. It's actually funny because Indian engagements are actually a bigger deal than the proposal in most cases. What's so nice about Indian engagements is that it gives the families & friends of the future bride and groom a chance to meet together before the wedding. My favorite part of every Indian engagement is when the two fathers come up and exchange a letter of agreement to the marriage and hug each other as a sign of both families coming together. 

Jenson & Janice had their engagement party at Zander's House in Plano. I have never been to this venue but I fell in love with it right away. The lighting in this place was the bomb yall. There was a ton of natural light so it worked so well with the photos. They also had a beautiful backdrop and table decor that gave the whole room such a vibrant touch. I had a blast taking pictures for you guys and wish you nothing but the best as you plan your future wedding!