Jainy & Cortney-Maternity Session

Welcome to my very first blog post! I couldn't think of a better pair to start this blog off with. Jainy is my older sister & Cortney is my wonderful brother in law. For those of you that know me, you know that my sister and I are extremely close. All of our friends that have sisters always look at us strangely with how close we can be sometimes. Jainy's patience with me is one of the main reasons we never fight. She married Cortney last July and I couldn't think of a more perfect person to compliment my sweet and loving sister. I did an e-session for them last year and was so excited to take pictures of another big milestone in their lives. 

When I found out they were going to have a baby, I did the happiest of all happy dances with tears of joy coming down my face. My sister has always acted like a second mother to me. Not in the annoying, nagging type of way though. She has always supplied me with affection and always took care of me financially when I didn't have a job. My sister is such a positive influence & always constantly cheering me on in any new project I try to tackle whether it be a half marathon or starting a small photography business. Jainy always let me tag along with her friends and always made sure I was included. She's my protector and defender from any kind of harm. It's these traits that make me know she's going to be the perfect mother. I really don't know who I'd be without the support of my sister. Check out some of my favorites from our shoot! 

Baby Joseph, I cannot wait to meet you & surround you with the same love your momma gave to me. Love you with all my heart already :)