Ben & Tanya-One Year Anniversary Session

Yall, sometime life gets so crazy that I have to stop and remember that I have this blog and I have to actually keep up with it….woops! However, hopefully the wait was worth it because I have a FUN shoot to share with you! Ben & Tanya wanted to do a one year anniversary session which I’ve never done before, but it’s honestly very similar to an engagement session. However, I was super excited about this session because they wanted to take pictures in Downtown Dallas. I’ve been taking pictures at so many parks lately that it was a nice change of pace for me personally. Downtown Dallas is nice because there so much cool architecture, simplistic colors, and literally everywhere you turn there’s a cool photo opportunity. You may recognize Tanya from an older blog post about a year ago when I took pictures for her mylanchi celebrations before her wedding. This time we got to include Ben who is actually the reason why I know Tanya! Ben & I have known each other since the awkward early teenage years and he’s been a solid friend throughout all of life’s different phases. We are also the biggest Fanta fans you could ever come across :) Also, Ben & Tanya are such a photogenic couple! I honestly didn’t have many pictures I had to delete because they owned every single one of them. Happy early anniversary to you two, enjoy a few of my favorites from their shoot :)