Sherine & Alessandro-Maternity Session

Hello everyone! In my last blog post, I highlighted Shaji & Tracey's sweet proposal. This time I'm back with Shaji's sister & her maternity session! Just like Shaji, I've known Sherine for a large chunk of my life. We went to middle school together, but got closer during our days at the same church. We've spent countless amounts of time at her house for dance practices (even though most of the time we just ate) and although I hate to admit it, I really love this girl. She is ALWAYS in a good mood and it's hard to find that in a friend, so she's a rare gem. Sherine & Alessandro had a beautiful wedding last May in San Antonio and I even had the chance to MC for the two of them! Now, they're expecting their first child & I couldn't be happier for the two of them. We headed over to Harry Meyers and Rockwall and it was COLD you guys. I think I was being a bigger baby than Sherine....and she was wearing a sari! Despite the weather complications, these two absolutely rocked it. Check out some of my favorites from their session!