Janice & Jenson-Engagement Party

School has started back up so things have been a little crazy! Let me tell yall, teacher tired is a whole different level of tired. However, an extra day off for Labor Day means I can post on the blog about one of the photo gigs I've had in the past month! This past weekend I had the opportunity to take pictures for an engagement party for my friends Janice and Jenson. 

I actually met Janice back in high school randomly and we stayed in touch through AIM here and there. We went to school in Denton together but I haven't had a chance to see her in years. I met her husband-to-be Jenson a few years ago. He's actually really good friends with a few of the guys from my church and we met at one of their birthday parties. When I found out that both of them were getting married I was so excited for the two of them!

Indian engagements are definitely one of a kind. All of my non-Indian friends are always so intrigued by them. Sometimes they seem like just a mini-wedding or something that's unnecessary. It's actually funny because Indian engagements are actually a bigger deal than the proposal in most cases. What's so nice about Indian engagements is that it gives the families & friends of the future bride and groom a chance to meet together before the wedding. My favorite part of every Indian engagement is when the two fathers come up and exchange a letter of agreement to the marriage and hug each other as a sign of both families coming together. 

Jenson & Janice had their engagement party at Zander's House in Plano. I have never been to this venue but I fell in love with it right away. The lighting in this place was the bomb yall. There was a ton of natural light so it worked so well with the photos. They also had a beautiful backdrop and table decor that gave the whole room such a vibrant touch. I had a blast taking pictures for you guys and wish you nothing but the best as you plan your future wedding!