Jayson & Anpu-Proposal

Although they seem super stressful at first, proposal shoots are some of my favorite. Mostly because I get to hide like a ninja for a little bit :) Really though, it's just fun to capture such a beautiful moment filled with anticipation, stress, nervousness, joy, and love.  In this case, I have the honor of knowing both people from different parts of my life. Anpu & I grew up in churches that did a lot of youth activities/programs together. Eventually she made her way to TWU while I was ending my time in college. I had the privilege to be her small group leader for a year as well! Now fast forward a few years. My husband's (at the time boyfriend's) brother Dennis got married to my now sister in law, Betsy. Betsy's brother is Jayson. We met when Betsy & Dennis were planning their wedding and I usually have the pleasure of seeing Jayson here and there when we're in Houston. Basically, we're family :) 

Jayson got in touch with me about a month ago to let me know he wanted to propose to Anpu in Dallas. We talked through some options and decided on Vitruvian Park in Addison since that was a common spot for the two of them. We set up a little bit before sunset and I found a spot in the bushes. Anpu's friends led her to the location and she walked up. Apparently, she is VERY near sighted and didn't even realize what was going on. She even said, "aw look someone's getting proposed to!" I think she finally realized it was all for her when she was about 10 feet in front of Jayson. It was by far the most hilarious reaction I've seen. Jayson, for your next gift please invest in some glasses for Anpu ;)  Later, we headed over to a bridge at the park where she was surprised by family & friends. It was such a beautiful moment to capture and I'm so incredibly excited for the two of you!