Jason & Benita-Engagement Session

Well, it’s been almost a year since I’ve updated this blog but I have a good excuse this time! Almost a week or two after my last post in October I found out I was pregnant, had a baby, and now I’m back :) Currently I’ve been taking a small break from photography since May and I’ll be starting back up in September. While I have some free time on me, I wanted to share with you a special e-session that’s very close to my heart!

Jason & Benita are both like a younger brother and sister to me. I met them when we all went to the same church and I clicked with them both independently. Jason is like the annoying little brother I never had who would call me to talk about his girl problems…which secretly meant a lot to me that he cared for my advice. We’ve played volleyball together, did all sorts of dances with each other, and currently we serve as esteemed members of the famous pizza club. Benita is like the little sister I never had…except she wasn’t annoying like Jason :) I’ve seen her through her awkward stages, we have secrets that we will take with us to the grave involving graduation ceremonies, we’ve done all sorts of dances, and so much more. One thing I love about my friendship with Benita is that we both are very similar in the way that we think and we’ve gone through a lot of the same experiences. I was able to hear both of them gush about the other and watch their relationship grow and develop over the years. Jason held the door open for me as I walked down the aisle at my own wedding and Benita stood as a bridesmaid for me. Needless to say, they both hold such a special place in my heart. Their wedding is just less than a month away and I had the honor of capturing some engagement photos for them!

For their engagement session, we first met up at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano to capture shots with their Indian outfits on. Yall, these pictures looked like they were straight up from DDLJ! We spent majority of our time there and then headed to downtown Dallas to get some shots of them in their American clothes too. Jason & Benita were so much fun to work with, and I can’t wait for their big day. Enjoy some of my favorites from their session!


Ben & Tanya-One Year Anniversary Session

Yall, sometime life gets so crazy that I have to stop and remember that I have this blog and I have to actually keep up with it….woops! However, hopefully the wait was worth it because I have a FUN shoot to share with you! Ben & Tanya wanted to do a one year anniversary session which I’ve never done before, but it’s honestly very similar to an engagement session. However, I was super excited about this session because they wanted to take pictures in Downtown Dallas. I’ve been taking pictures at so many parks lately that it was a nice change of pace for me personally. Downtown Dallas is nice because there so much cool architecture, simplistic colors, and literally everywhere you turn there’s a cool photo opportunity. You may recognize Tanya from an older blog post about a year ago when I took pictures for her mylanchi celebrations before her wedding. This time we got to include Ben who is actually the reason why I know Tanya! Ben & I have known each other since the awkward early teenage years and he’s been a solid friend throughout all of life’s different phases. We are also the biggest Fanta fans you could ever come across :) Also, Ben & Tanya are such a photogenic couple! I honestly didn’t have many pictures I had to delete because they owned every single one of them. Happy early anniversary to you two, enjoy a few of my favorites from their shoot :)


Cindy & Shawn - Engagement Session

As my summer slowly comes to a close I'd love to highlight one of my favorite July sessions! I had the chance to capture Cindy & Shawn's engagement photos towards the end of the month. I met Cindy back in college briefly and we actually used to work for the same charter school a while back.  They wanted to take their photos at Sundance Square as well as the water gardens in Fort Worth. I've never shot at either of these locations before so I was really excited to try something new! We were a little pressed for time but we acted quick and were able to sneak in some great shots, check out a few of my favorites! 


Merrin & Mathews-Mylanchi & Chantham Charthu

May was one of my busiest months as far as photos goes, but I still wanted to share with you one of my favorite events from May! On Memorial Day weekend I had the chance to capture Merrin & Mathews Mylanchi & Chantham Charthu celebrations. Merrin & I actually went to church together back in the day and I always remember seeing her running around with the other younger girls. I was able to capture her sweet proposal as well! My father is Knanaya and I've been to a few Mylanchis before, but I actually have never been to a Chantham Charthu! To sum it up, this is an event in the Knanaya community where they get the bride & groom ready the night before the wedding with family and friends. There's tons of traditions, feeding the bride and groom, dances, and everyone is super hype for the wedding! Let me tell you, these people were ready to party! I had a blast capturing such a fun event. Check out some of my favorite images!



Ben & Heather-Proposal

Hello friends! This past weekend I had the chance to capture the proposal of Ben & Heather. I always get SO nervous when a proposal is about to happen because you have to capture the right moment, but it's a fun adrenaline rush :) I met Ben when I was was in college through my roommates. These days he's an awesome sports writer & his fiance Heather is a kindergarten teacher. Although I met her that day, I already love her because you know....teacher life :) Ben wanted to do a simple and sweet proposal right outside of North Dallas Highschool which has beautiful columns and steps right in the front entrance, perfect for pictures! After dinner he walked her over to the location and the rest is history. Check out my favorite images from this sweet proposal! 


Jessil & Jinu-Engagement Session

I just realized I haven't posted a blog on here since January.....yikes! So sorry for the delay in posts, but hopefully with summer break approaching I'll have some new posts for you guys! Today I did an engagement session for one of my little sisters from church. I got so excited about their session that I started editing today itself...and I had so many favorites that I figured I should make a blog post :) 

I've known Jessil for maybe about 10 years now. Our relationship started at church where we started performing lots of dances together for various church talent shows. From there we've always kept in touch and after college we even worked at the same school for a little while too! She's also an amazing saree draper...and if it wasn't for her skills I'd probably never wear sarees anymore. I think the same goes for majority of the girls here in Dallas, haha :) Jessil has a heart of gold and is always willing to bend over backwards to help anyone who needs it. When Jessil got engaged I couldn't contain my excitement and I finally got the chance to meet Jinu for their photo session. These two are absolutely adorable together & such naturals in front of the camera! We did an early morning session at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano, Texas. I hope you enjoy some of their shots as much as I did! :) 



Sherine & Alessandro-Maternity Session

Hello everyone! In my last blog post, I highlighted Shaji & Tracey's sweet proposal. This time I'm back with Shaji's sister & her maternity session! Just like Shaji, I've known Sherine for a large chunk of my life. We went to middle school together, but got closer during our days at the same church. We've spent countless amounts of time at her house for dance practices (even though most of the time we just ate) and although I hate to admit it, I really love this girl. She is ALWAYS in a good mood and it's hard to find that in a friend, so she's a rare gem. Sherine & Alessandro had a beautiful wedding last May in San Antonio and I even had the chance to MC for the two of them! Now, they're expecting their first child & I couldn't be happier for the two of them. We headed over to Harry Meyers and Rockwall and it was COLD you guys. I think I was being a bigger baby than Sherine....and she was wearing a sari! Despite the weather complications, these two absolutely rocked it. Check out some of my favorites from their session! 


Shaji & Tracey - Proposal

Hello friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends. I'm SO excited to share a post about a special event I had the chance to photograph this past weekend. When Shaji told me he was going to propose to Tracey, I couldn't contain my excitement. You see, I have known Shaji & Tracey both for a little over 10 years now. While serving at church, I got to get to know the two of these wonderful people individually and they both became like a little brother & sister to me. Shaji, Tracey, and I played volleyball together, performed countless amounts of dances with the Garland/Mesquite/Sunnyvale crew, and volunteered at church for so many events that I can't even keep track. Although Tracey always accuses me of things I won't name out on this blog....I have tons of love for her and I will continue to squishy hug her even when I'm an old lady. If it wasn't for Shaj I wouldn't be in the ever so elite pizza club that I'm blessed to be a part of today. Seriously, Shaji started a club where all we do is go eat pizza at different places....lol.  Shaji even helped hold the door for me as I walked down the aisle on my wedding day. When I think of these two people, my heart beams with happiness. When I think of the two of them deciding to commit to each other for the rest of their lives, I am overjoyed. 

Shaji wanted to propose to Tracey at UTD because they share some memories there. With the help of their siblings, Shaji arranged for a gazebo to be beautifully decorated. He brought Tracey to the gazebo...but I'll admit it looked like he kidnapped her because she was blindfolded, haha :) I'll spare all the details of the proposal but I'll just say that it was absolutely beautiful to see how patiently the two of these people waited for this particular moment. Shaji & Tracey, I couldn't be happier for you two and can't wait to celebrate your love on your big day! Take a peek at some of my favorites from their proposal: 




Jayna Koshy-Baptism & First Birthday

Hello everyone! Last weekend I had the opportunity to take pictures for baby Jayna's baptism & first birthday celebrations. Jayna's parents have a special place in my heart. I went to church with Joann and we got closer as we taught dance together. I met Jerry through Joann and I even had the honor of MCing their wedding! Now they have the most adorable little baby girl named Jayna and it's cool to have witnessed both of them during so many phases of their lives. Jayna had her holy baptism at St. George's Malankara Orthodox Church in Irving, Texas. The service was very beautiful and like every baby who gets baptized, there were some tears shed :)

Afterwards we headed to the church hall where they had a first birthday party for her. There were fun performances and even Jayna's pops got on the drums! They also did one of my favorite Indian traditions at her birthday party. They had a plate with an apple, pen, rosary, and a gold bangle. The apple signifies the love of food, the pen signifies education and studies, the rosary signifies a life of vocation, and the gold signifies the love of jewelry....because you know, girls. :) They set the plate down and let the baby crawl towards the plate and whatever item she chooses tells us a little bit about what they're going to be like. It's such a fun tradition! Jerry & Joann, thank you for letting me capture your sweet girls big day! 


The Way Family- Family Session

Hey y'all! I can't believe it's already November! I've had so many fun photoshoots in the month of October and I'm determined to make sure I post blogs about them, even if they are a little late :) Today I'd like to feature a session I did with the Way family in October. I had the privilege of working with Jaime for 2 years. She has such a fun loving and goofy personality! One thing I love most about her is how encouraging she is. Last year when dealing with a very difficult student, she encouraged me in such a simple yet moving way. My heart always gets so happy when I think of people like her :) Jaime wanted to take some new family photos but she wanted more of an industrial/city look. Instead of going all the way to downtown Dallas, we ventured to downtown Rockwall, which has some really great spots if you're looking for something different from the typical nature shoot. I absolutely loved working with her family, take a peek at some of my favorite shots! 




Amy & Denny-Family Photos/Gender Reveal

Hello friends! I have a very fun photoshoot to share with you today :) A few weeks ago, I had to opportunity to take some family photos for Amy & Denny. I've know Amy for years now and honestly I don't even remember how we met. We go back to the Xanga days if that helps you know how long I've known her :) I met Denny later on when I was in college. The two of them are such a sweet and loving couple. Amy contacted me in the summer about taking family photos. However, she always wanted this to be a gender reveal as well! It was such a fun and exciting moment to capture. Both Amy & Denny have such photogenic families...and each of them have one brother and sister so our pictures were super symmetrical as well. If you know me, my heart skips a beat when things are symmetrical ;) We headed over to Prairie Creek Park in Richardson for our pictures. Amy & Denny, I wish you nothing but the best as you get ready to enter parenthood! Take a peek at some of my favorite images! 




Sherrin & Zach-Engagement Party

Hello friends! This past weekend I had the pleasure & honor of photographing the engagement party of my two friends Zach and Sherrin. I met Zach in high school and we all became really close friends with our other two friends. The four of us have so many dumb memories of us just being stupid high schoolers who shared a mutual love of the show The Simpsons. Although I don't get to see Zach too much these days, it's like we can always pick off where we last left off. Now, Sherrin may be one of my oldest friends. Our parents are good friends and I have so many fond memories with her. We went to Malayalam class as kids, spent our undergrad together in Denton, danced on a college dance team, and much more. Also, we live on the same street! Sherrin is one of the most genuine people that I am blessed to know. I couldn't think of two people who are a better fit for each other! 

Sherrin & Zach had a very small & intimate engagement ceremony for their family and bridal party at a country club in Rockwall, Texas. It was filled with a lot of Malayalee traditions that take place during the formal engagement party. They also had all of their guests dress in traditional Kerala-style attire which added such a nice touch for the photos. We were also able to sneak out onto the golf course to take some quick engagement shots with just the two of them. Zach & Sherrin, I am absolutely thrilled that the two of you are choosing to spend forever with each other. I cannot wait for all the festivities to come :)




Devya & Jeremy-Maternity Session

I'm in that phase of life where I'm seeing a lot of my good friends become mothers and it's a really cool feeling. Even cooler, one of my closest friends is about to be the mother of twins! I've known Devya since I was in the 7th grade. We became a lot closer when we were all freshmen together at Texas Woman's University. Some of my best college memories include her! We gushed about crushes, stayed up all night talking about nonsense, stood by each other in our weddings, and now I get to see her become a mommy of two! I'm so lucky to share so many milestones with Devya & I know her & Jeremy are going to absolutely crush it at parenthood. Let me also say, these two are so photogenic! I took pictures for Devya & Jeremy at Trinity Park in Fort Worth. Check out a few of my favorite shots from our shoot! 



Charles & Christy-Engagement Session

Hello everyone! The month of July has brought along a bunch of fun photoshoots and I'm here to give you a sneak peek on one of my favorites from this past weekend. I had the honor to do an engagement session for Christy & Charles at Prather Park. I've never taken pictures at this park so it was really nice getting to photograph in a new location. I've known Christy for a very long time now. She's one of my many "little sisters" from my old church :) It's crazy though, I remember Christy running around church in her awkward late elementary/middle school days and now she's about to get married! I still remember when she first told me about Charles a few years ago and I finally had to the chance to meet him at our photoshoot. I couldn't think of a better pairing, these two are too cute! One thing I also loved about this shoot is that we had a lot of props to work with. I don't think you need to bring props, but it definitely adds a lot of fun and variety to your pictures! Christy & I combined some props that we both had and we were able to get some fun shots. Charles & Christy, it was an absolute pleasure capturing the sweetness of your relationship. I cannot wait to your wedding day, good luck with all of your planning! Check out some of my favorites from their session :)



The Mathew Family-Family Session

Hey y'all! This past weekend I had the opportunity to do a family session for a childhood friend of mine! When I was in high school, Ancil and I hung out a lot and found ourselves doing dances for different grad parties. I went to her house a lot and I have nothing but good memories from her and her family. Ancil wanted to take some family pictures since the only ones they really have are formal studio pictures. For those of you who have never taken any pictures for fun with your family I highly suggest it!  We headed to Harry Meyers Park in Rockwall. Although it's been a while, it was so great getting to spend some time with her & her family. I loved taking pictures for this family because they all genuinely had a lot of fun with the session. They had so many cute pictures it was hard to choose just a few to highlight. Here's a few of my favorites from their session, enjoy! 


Nick & Nincy-Engagement Session

Yall, I've been slacking. I just realized my last post was in December! I've done so many different photo sessions in the past few months and I'm kicking myself because I didn't publish them at the time. I promise I will get better! 

This past weekend I had 3 photo gigs. One was an engagement session for Nick & Nincy. I've actually known Nincy since way back in the day when we'd all be stuck at cultural programs together. I couldn't pass up taking pictures for her! I took pictures at their formal Indian engagement and we did a quick e-session afterwards. It was very intimate and a great opportunity to see both families meet together before the big day. Our mini e-session was in downtown Carrolton. Since we were running a little behind, we only had about 30 minutes to take pictures in the square but let me tell you, these two know how to make beautiful pictures happen quickly. Nick & Nincy, your love is absolutely beautiful. I had a pleasure taking pictures for you guys & will be thinking of you as you get ready for your big day! Here are a few of my favorites from their e-session :) 

Dn. Shawn & Lijin-Proposal

A few months ago Dn. Shawn got in touch with me about taking pictures for when he planned on proposing to his girlfriend, Lijin. It's a small world because 1. Shawn & I share a few mutual friends in Chicago and 2. Lijin is someone I've known for a very long time. My sister & I would always hang out at their church for random events ever since I was in high school. As soon as I heard about the proposal, I was in! 

The proposal took place on the docks at White Rock Lake. Shawn had sent Lijin on a big scavenger hunt during the day, leading her to the docks as her final destination. When she arrived, Shawn met her at a table filled with some of her favorite pictures. He then walked her down to the dock and proposed. I'm not going to lie, I even shed a tear watching such a sweet moment between the two! What I really loved about this proposal was right after Shawn gave her the ring, Lijin stopped and said, "Angie has something in my car...I need to have it right now!" I ran over and got a small package that her best friend Angie had in her car. Apparently, months ago Lijin had bought a gift for Shawn and told Angie to hold on to it and keep it for the day when she gets proposed to. Lijin had wrote a really sweet letter to Shawn and bought him a watch! She said, "I know you think this day is supposed to be about me, but it's about us...and I want you to have something special to remember this day too." Yall, that is the most thoughtful thing I have ever seen. Ladies, we've got some work to do! 

Afterwards we took some pictures on the dock and later went to dinner where she was surprised by family and friends. Lijin & Dn. Shawn, I had an absolute blast taking pictures on such a big day for you two. Your love is Christ-centered, sweet, unselfish, and goofy. I was touched just by observing the two of you within a couple of hours. Best of luck to both of you as you get ready to embark on this new chapter of your lives! Thanks for letting me capture your day. :) 



Jerald & Elizabeth-Family Session

I told myself I'd start posting more regularly so here we go! This month has been filled with family sessions for holiday pictures. On my last blog post, you met Derrick & Seethal's family. This blog post actually features Derrick's brother & his family! What a small world :) Elizabeth had reached out to me for some holiday photos and we decided to head off to Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. This is by far my most favorite place to shoot at. There's tall grass, open fields, amazing views, and much more. It's also humungous! I also love going there so I can get my Fitbit steps in ;) Jerald & Elizabeth have an adorable son named Elijah. He's photogenic just like his cousin Naomi :) They brought lots of props to make sure that he was in a smiling mood during our entire shoot. Jerald and Elizabeth, I loved getting to meet you & spending the morning with you. Thanks for trusting me with your photos! 


Derrick & Seethal - Family Session

Hey yall! It's been a very busy semester for me at work, so I apologize for not posting anything recently. I have a bunch of shoots lined up for this month, so before that all starts up I wanted to post a session from September that I loved getting the chance to do. 

I went to college with Derrick at TWU and he's such a nice and genuine guy. I met his wife Seethal later down the road at our friend Joanne's wedding. They're such a sweet couple with an absolutely adorable little girl named Naomi! They wanted to take pictures for Naomi's first birthday so we headed over to Prairie Creek Park in Richardson. Naomi is probably one of the happiest babies I have ever photographed! It was so easy to get her to smile and she made my job super easy. Take a peek at some of my favorite images from our session :) 


Janice & Jenson-Engagement Party

School has started back up so things have been a little crazy! Let me tell yall, teacher tired is a whole different level of tired. However, an extra day off for Labor Day means I can post on the blog about one of the photo gigs I've had in the past month! This past weekend I had the opportunity to take pictures for an engagement party for my friends Janice and Jenson. 

I actually met Janice back in high school randomly and we stayed in touch through AIM here and there. We went to school in Denton together but I haven't had a chance to see her in years. I met her husband-to-be Jenson a few years ago. He's actually really good friends with a few of the guys from my church and we met at one of their birthday parties. When I found out that both of them were getting married I was so excited for the two of them!

Indian engagements are definitely one of a kind. All of my non-Indian friends are always so intrigued by them. Sometimes they seem like just a mini-wedding or something that's unnecessary. It's actually funny because Indian engagements are actually a bigger deal than the proposal in most cases. What's so nice about Indian engagements is that it gives the families & friends of the future bride and groom a chance to meet together before the wedding. My favorite part of every Indian engagement is when the two fathers come up and exchange a letter of agreement to the marriage and hug each other as a sign of both families coming together. 

Jenson & Janice had their engagement party at Zander's House in Plano. I have never been to this venue but I fell in love with it right away. The lighting in this place was the bomb yall. There was a ton of natural light so it worked so well with the photos. They also had a beautiful backdrop and table decor that gave the whole room such a vibrant touch. I had a blast taking pictures for you guys and wish you nothing but the best as you plan your future wedding!